The seat is so comfortable,I literally have butterflies. I could get used to sitting here. Looking over watching him drive. Reaching over, holding his hand. Our faces are gleaming. It’s an absolutely amazing feeling. We’re driving down the road in the Dodge Zion Road Trek. The van that screamed out to us on the lot. We’re already kind of partial to the Dodge anyway having them, it only seemed fitting. As sad as it is, we were only taking this one for a spin around the block. How I wished that it was packed to the gills with our equipment, hiking gear, everything we would need to have sustainable living on board. Its something that we have spent a lot of time talking about. This is the one we want. Have to have it. We’re ready to put in the work and go the lengths its going to take to have it.


Everything about this van is exactly what we were looking for. Its a Dodge for starters. There wasn’t one thing that I could really see that I didn’t like walking up to it, visually its adorable. The front end is a little different for my taste, but it’s been growing on me. The shape is nice. It isn’t top heavy, to wide or long. I mean, it fits in a standard parking stall coming in at 21 feet in length. One of the factors we had when looking into a van. I wanted something compact enough that it wouldn’t limit us because of our size. Plus Andy and I are pretty low maintenance and don’t need a thirty foot diesel pusher. Felt something this size was a little more practical and economically friendly given all the ambitions and dreams we have once we got it.

Sliding the side door open we were greeted with dark interior. Not that typical light brown ulgy crap most rv’s have. Was so happy to see another color being used. Apparently I don’t look into rv’s much. When opening the door, down dropped an automatic step to get in from the Thule brand. Was a large enough step that my entire foot fit on. I wouldn’t be worried about any future falls. Another bonus and I’m not even in the door yet, is the door. Was wide and tall enough that I could walk right in. No twisting, turning or ducking to wiggle into the space. Even comes equip with a screen door there that slides like a standard screen door on your home. I loved that.

Now that we’re inside to the right is the passenger seat and captains chair. Both which are able to be made into a twin size bed, and are also on a swivel to spin around to enjoy the rest of the van or to have lunch on the table that can be inserted between the two seats. The front space of the van is very spacious. Lots of compartments, cup holders and spots to put gadgets, maps… Anything you may need to have while on the road. Directly behind the captains seat is the bathroom. Opens up as a bi-fold door. The bathroom is small, but it is big enough to get the job done. Complete with shower and sink. Having the full bathroom is what really completes this plan. Not needing to depend on needing services all the time is exactly what we were after. Moving on from the bathroom there is a pull out pantry. Was surprised at the size and what it would be able to hold. Next to that is the fridge/freezer combo. Actually pretty large. This also made us pretty excited. Andy is a great cook. Having yummy food on our rides is a big plan and we’ll be sharing that with you guys too. After that the back of the van opened up the bed/couch below with some storage under the seats, where there isn’t holding tanks. Above tons of space in cabinets. The van has a flat screen t.v. on a wall bracket looking over the bed/couch area. Which is attached to a closet and drawers. Next to that is the galley. Sink, two propane burners, on a bank of cabinets and microwave and control panel above. This particular year model was equipped with darker grey interior, LED lights, dark wood like laminate flooring, A/C, heating, stereo inside and out. Back doors that had full range opening hinges, a automatic lay down bed/couch, automatic awing, automatic steps, outdoor shower, solar panels and a generator. COMPLETELY fully loaded and I know I’m missing a ton of perks, but they’re so many on this rig.


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