My Crystal Box Subscription


I get my box from I love this website in particular, because they offer SO many different boxes. If you can think of it, there is probably a box here for it. I think the first time I seen this box, I was scrolling Instagram.

Anyways, I checked it out, and there is actually a few boxes this company offers. The company I get my box from is Tamed Wild. They have great customer service, they love hearing suggestions for the upcoming boxes, and they always ask for your opinion. Just feels like they’re constantly wanting to do better, by listening to their buyers.

I decided to try out their smaller box. They have a few different ones that are at different expenses. The small box is the cheaper of the options. I get it for $16 a month. (I must be grandfathered into a price, I just noticed it’s up to $23, still worth it) I had thought about trying out the larger one. I get enough excitement with this one alone, I felt the larger one would maybe be a bit overwhelming. As you can see they send a variety of themed items. Crystals are all real. The trinkets are nice for costume jewelry. I love the informational pages. I’ve also got smudge sticks, candles, even crystal grids.

Over all, I’m super pleased with my box and I would definitely suggest this box to anyone who has a crystal addiction like me. I look forward to my box every month.

Pictures below were from my box this last month.

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