Deception Pass

On our way home from the wedding we decided to take a little detour. We’ve been itching to get outside and see something different. Since we were so close this seemed fitting.

Least todays weather was better than the day before. The wind and rain were absolutely horrible. Today the rain mellowed out, but the wind. Not so much. Was still super windy. We walked about a quarter of the way out on the bridge and the wind was feeling like it wanted to push us over. So we turned back to explore other areas.

We decided to go beyound the State Park and check out another area that offered views of the bridge from another standpoint, but it was just to hazy/foggy to really get a good look. Was a bit bummed. But thats Washington for ya.

It was definitely nice getting out and hiking around a bit. It’s been awhile since we have really got to be one with nature. The beach, salt, sea, dirt, wind… Was absolutely wonderful.

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