I workout…

Andy and I have been hitting the gym again on the regular followed by some decent walks. We try to hit atleast five miles a day.

I thought I would take advantage of some of the amazing sites to be photographed and got these. Definitely love living in Washington. It’s so pretty. I think getting out on long walks during the fall are my favorite. Just for the scenery. Plus this year we have been pretty spoiled when it comes to the weather.

The gym has been a great success. So happy that we have jumped off on the idea of getting in better shape. So far I have lost 38lbs in two months. So to me thats a huge success. I have a ways to go until I’m happy, but I know I got it. Just need to keep having the determination to keep going.

So far it’s been a better diet, smaller portions, my thrive and a ton more excercise. Has been working out great. Hardest part is not caving into the kids wants and desires when it comes to food. You know, Halloween just went by, I didn’t steal one piece of the kids candy. Was so hard to do that. It will be all worth it in the end though.

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