Ekkk, it’s been a month!

I’ve said it before… Well, more or less. I wish I could make more time to blog. I really wish I made more time to come here and reflect. A month is now my all time worst. I think this year my New Years resolution is going to be to make time to come here and reflect, at least once a week. Think that would be a great start.

As of lately we have been so busy. Since November… I became a year older. Thats always fun. Probably one of my least favorite days of the year. Was a good day though. I was able to sleep in. Andy always makes it super special and he surprised me with some goodies. The kids picked up for me around the house and there was a day of no fighting. OH! And it happened to be a cheat day. Was yummy. Had some pumpkin moouse instead of cake. Was blissful.

Aside from that, I have been working on growing the business and providing ideas for Andy to get in touch with the community when he gets school finished. We decided to do a community Easter Egg Hunt. We have done a couple in the past for the photography business, but this time we are inviting some other small businesses to join in and get seen by a larger scale of people. Not to mention to do something good for the community. So I’ve been working on all that and the details to pull an event together as this.

Then of course, pictures, pictures and more pictures. I have been SO busy this last month. Have done weddings, fall photos, family photos, I even got to shoot a proposal. Was amazing! It seems like with the passing of another year the business has only gotten busier. I love it. This will be my first December having three weddings. Crazy to think back on 2018, I had a wedding atleast one every month this year. Definitly was a busy and long wedding season. Thus far, I don’t have any planned for January. Thinking about taking January nice and slow. I need a couple weekends where I don’t have to be up and to the park at 8am.

Andy and I are still plaugging away at the gym. I’m about 9 pounds away from being halfway to my first goal. I’m so excited. Have been working so hard and all the hardwork is finally paying off and I’m seeing the results. Unfortunatly I had a mishap at the gym the other day though. Thought texting and walking down stairs was a good idea. Didn’t see the last step, that was there and twisted my ankle. Have a nice golf size knot on it. Giving it through the weekend (And I’m working) to see how it feels to decide whether I should go in on Monday. Really hoping I didn’t damage it to a real bad point. I don’t want to have to endure any medical interventions. No thanks! Still hitting the gym even while being a cripple. It’s all been about arm day. Haha. arms are going to have it going on for sure after this! I’m just happy that I’m not letting it get in the way of doing better for myself.

The last two weeks I have been helping Cheyenne with a hygiene drive that she had going on through school. We were able to group resource $200 to put towards buying hygiene products and donating them to the Eatonville Family Agency for the holidays. Was a great cause and its really not something that a lot of people think about when donating items. She was able to come up with 562 items. Pretty good shopping and bargaining on her part to be able to purchase so much for the amount of money she had to work with. Drove her to school today with all of her donations. Was so nice seeing her teacher so happy to see what she was able to come up with. Cheyenne even set her goal at $200 and was able to make it. Was fun helping her with the drive that contibuted to helping so many people out this holiday season.

Madison just finished up swimming lessons with her class at school. She was doing the lessons at the highschool. So nice that they offer that for the elementary kids. She definitely has progressed. She did this last year also. But now, she can full on swim with and without a floatation device. So I’m super proud of her for catching on and being able to get it. Something I wish my other girls could have expierenced through school in the earlier years.

Had a great Thanksgiving. Was nice spending it with family. Unfortunately only a week from my birthday it was another cheat day. Terrible I know. Hard to stay completely with it through the holidays when all that yummy food is in front of you. BUT even through all the food and holiday dinners I was able to maintain. So better than gaining a bunch. It’s totally impossible to say no to from scratch thanksgiving dinner.

Madison also just had her Christmas Holiday performance with the second and third grade classes at her school. They held it in the auditorium at the highschool. It was so cute. Was fun too, because I decided to get her the works for a new outfit. Was fun to dress her up all glamorous for her spcial night. Was a lot of fun watching the kids wave to their parents and get shy and bashful.

So this was a quick update into what we have been doing. I am going to really try and make it here more often. Least once a week. Going to dedicate a day to stop in a get something into you guys, because there is definitely way more I want to share. So many amazing announcements coming.

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