Hotel Murano/ Anthony’s/ Date Night

You’ve done it again Hotel Murano. You have exceeded my expectations yet again. You took a crappy situation and made it a better one. I have been staying at this hotel for years. And I will continue. I love it here and I will continue to refer you out to others.

In October I booked a room for January. Then I booked a room in November for December. I am actually here now. While I am writing this blog/review. Anyways, I purchased these two rooms with the impression that the money for the room would come out when I booked. As it said all over their website and confirmation emails. But unfortunatly that wasn’t the case. One of the reservations did not get taken out at booking. And having seen everything come through for the first booking I didn’t notice them not taking out the money for the second. You know you get those confirmation emails, emails about the area, hotel, yada, yada, yada… Well there were a few and it had me miss the important one.

A day before my stay I get a notification that the money was taken out. Totally unprepaired for that, my bank account took a hit. I called and talked to a very nice gentlemen that listened to my concerns and wanted to make the situation correct. He ended up refunding me my January stay and on top of it I was just delieverd a nice bottle of wine, chocolates and fruit. What a way to make your clients happy. You go above and beyond and that respect is restored. I really do commend the hotel for making things right.

Not only that… upon my arrival I was put in a north facing room. I really wanted a southeast facing room as we’re suppose to get a storm this evening and I really wanted to watch it from my room. Lucky for me they were extremely accomidating and were able to switch my room to one facing the south so I can watch the storm as it comes in.


If you’re ever in the Tacoma, Washington area I highly suggest this hotel from you. Perfect rooms and people working here. All very kind and courteous.

Each floor of the hotel has an glass artist. With one of their pieces. Here is the 24th floors artist.

A little story about this hotel. Was a few years back. But it was another date night and Andy and I were staying here. We were in the lobby at the bar and we watched KISS go through the lobby after they played a concert near by. We also have seen Carrot Top and Danny Bonaduce rode the elevator with me once. The time that KISS stayed here they ended up footing the bill for the entire hotel. Andy and I racked up like a $500 bill that time between the room, bar and room service. Will definitely be a memory I wont forget.

Now, time to get date night started. First… I must get ready then off to dinner. šŸ™‚

Dinner was great. Andy and I went to one of our favorites. Anthony’s at Point Definace. We didn’t get a reservation so we ended up going to the bar for some drinks and appetizers while we waited for a table to open. Bar was nice, atmosphere was great. Had about a 30 minute wait, finally got a table. We both ordered the seafood platter. Was delish. I love getting a little bit of it all. Really helps when you’re the type that likes all.
No complaints about dinner. Other than the appetizer prices. A bit spendy for such a small amount of food. Almost the same cost as dinner for one. But with less food.

We wanted to go for a movie after dinner, but the movie we wanted to catch didn’t start until super late, so the other option was a walk at the water front, but we’re in the midst of a wind/rain storm and didn’t feel like dealing with the elements so we came back to the hotel to enjoy our wine and chocolates. Which were spot on!

Was a nice peaceful kid free night on the town. ā™”

The end to our evening. Such a beautiful view. A stormy pnw!

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