Kalaloch, Washington

I had never been before I met Andy. He had always talked about it. Going as a kid. Playing on the beach, jumping around in the logs on the beach that would wash up. How he would tip toe through tide pools and look at all the sea life. I wanted to see this place he cherished so much as a child.

Finally he took me. I was anxious the whole ride out. Hearing about the way it was, the way it looked. I couldn’t wait to see it. This adventure, we took the shorter of the two ways to get there. We went southwest through Aberdeen. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour drive from our house. Not to bad, but still a bit of a ride. After we had made it through Aberdeen that’s when the landscape took a huge change. The trees changed, the light got brighter, the air smelled of the sea. Soon the trees were offering breaks allowing us to see out into the Pacific. Was a decently calm day. Blue skies, a breeze, and the sound of the ocean waves crashing as we drove along the highway. It’s truly a sound that never gets old.


So a bit of a history lesson first. In 1920 Charles W. Becker purchased 40 acres of land. Where the lodge and cabins are. He was a resourceful man, used lumber from the timber that had washed up on the beach. Was able to construct the lodge, cabins, restaurant and a small store. The lodge opened in 1953 then Becker sold the land to the National Park Service. While a lot of things have changed at the lodge a lot of things still remain today.

Aside from the lodge and the cabins there is also a campground here. Has 168 sites to offer. Ranging in all different sizes and amenities. Each site has campfire rings, picnic table. Food lockers are available, fresh water, restrooms, and dump station. The campsite offers the basics. Which is just enough to get by a few days.

As we pull into the parking lot we are greeted by the camp supervisor. He was nice, told us about the happenings, openings at the campground, about the lodge a bit. We ended up parking, and getting out was nice. Having sat in the car that long my legs were more than ready for a good stretch. Getting out of the car I was immediately awoken to the fresh salty sea breeze rushing by my fave. It was cool, yet refreshing. A short walk down a path led us right to the beach. First it was a bit of a challenge to get over all the washed up logs, but once we did, the beach opened up to golden sand. Was windy, generally is at the beach, so a dry layer of sand was being blown across the top of the sand that was more packed down. The view looking out into the water was amazing in the far distance was Destruction Island. Complete with a light house warning all the boats at night not to get to close to the shore. Almost seems from Ocean Shores north in Washington, the coastline gets really rugged. The more north you go, expect seeing more large rock formations. We spent the entire day here. We had our daughters with us too. They enjoyed playing in the sand, making castles, playing in beach huts other beach goers had created with all the wood that washed up. Was a great way to wear them out. Full day at the beach, heck ya!

We walked the beach looking for gifts from the sea, we found plenty. Lots of little critters, shells, plenty of tide pools to look in. Kids loved seeing all the creatures, being able to look and touch. Was a fun experience for them and us. Took them to the little store near the lodge for ice cream and trinkets to bring home.

Kalaloch Mercantile is a small convenience store. Has some small grocery basics, camping basics, souvenirs, coffee and ice cream.  There is also restrooms here if you need to make a pit stop. There is another shop in the lodge offering clothing, jewelry and some fine art. The lodge is like home base of the area with the stores, cabins and campground it only seems appropriate to call it that.

For more booking information on the lodge and cabins, check this website out.


*** Camping

After having went a few times just for days trips, I wanted to stay at the campsite. For the next three summers Andy and I came here and stayed for three nights. Always in July. First time we came was for our anniversary, was just the two of us. The next two times we came, we brought Madison and the girls were at Girl Scout camp. The campsites are amazing. If you can get one that is right on the ocean, you’ll have the most amazing views. Front row seat to the most breathtaking sunsets. The middle of the campground is very forest like, heavy moss, campsites are very secluded from your neighbors. The sites closer to the road are much louder. And you are right up against the highway. Yes a small bluffer of brush and greenery, but still close with no fence enclosure. Consider small children and pets. Semi’s and passenger cars are traveling this highway at a high rate of speed.

There is an amphitheater where there are nightly shows and presentations with an Olympic Park Ranger. It’s definitely fun to sit through and learn about the area and all the critters and sea life. They also outline happenings that go on at neighboring beaches (Ruby Beach) with rangers.

When Andy and I stayed the first time we had an ocean view campsite. It was definitely an amazing time. The view was breathtaking. The sound of the ocean to fall asleep to, the cool salty breeze zipping through our campsite. Will be a moment I wont forget. The second time we were in the middle more in a forestry site but still had a view of the ocean. The third time we tried a roadside site. Wasn’t to bad. We had a good 150 feet from the tent to the road. So pretty far.  Was extremely forestry. I love it.


We spent our days walking the beach, enjoying the beautiful Washington coastal weather in the middle of July. We checked out neighboring beaches which were just as beautiful. The huge rock formations out in the ocean, the tide pools once again. Absolutely amazing sites. There are also plenty of near by hiking that we were able to check out. The heavily green forests, trees had moss draped over their limbs, was growing on the forest floor, was everywhere. Such a vibrant hike in the forest.

It’s been a few years since we have been able to make it back out here to enjoy this beautiful beach. Hoping to make it out here again in the near future. I surely do miss the laid back feeling while sitting among the logs on the beach.

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