Dechutes Falls, Yelm WA


In Pierce County? Looking for something to do that’s off the beaten path? Check out this hidden gem in the woods. Dechutes Falls Park is located in Yelm. It’s a bit of a ride out there. The scenery is beautiful. Lots of farm land and once you get closer, there gets to be more rolling hills and mountains in the distance.

The parking area is small, come early in the day as it does get busy. Especially on those hot summer days. There is a great swimming hole, so don’t forget your suit.

In the parking lot there are a couple picnic tables which make for a nice lunch either before or after your hike. There is also a porty potty on site. No other facilities are here for the publics use.

The start of the hike is a pretty steep hill down a gravel pathway. Once at the bottom of the first hill you will be coming to the trails to get to the viewing areas to see the falls and the river. Fall, winter and spring seasons it gets super muddy, rocks are really slippery. If you have small children be sure to watch them close as the river is flowing heavy and one wrong move and they can end up in the river.

Once your go down the first trail to see the falls, go back up to the main trail and continue following the path. You will end up at a slower part of the river (during the summer) allowing for great swimming. This is glaicer water so it does get chilly. So refreshing on a 90* western Washington day.

Got to love the super blue water, little pools of water and the overall scenery. Remember if and when you go, leave no trace and be sure to pack out what you packed in. Contribute to keeping the park maintained and cleaned up. Be sure to watch your step too.

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