I know, I know… I suck at updates.

Selfie was taken at the Fremont Fire Lookout on Rainier at Sunrise.

I love being a blogger. I love to share my experiences about my adventures. But I kind of stink at actually sitting down and updating everyone and sharing my stories. Anyone who blogs or writes knows all about writers block and being in the mood. As of lately I’ve been indulging in a few amazing trips too. With covid I have been limited on what I can and cannot do with work. So I have had a lot of extra time. Luckily Andy has been able to maintain working so at least we have that going for us, but he has a lot of flexibility with his career. So we have been doing a lot of adventuring.

I will try and get everything up to date with some posts on each of our trips/hikes. In short we went on our anniversary trip. Then we’ve practically made a residence at Mount Rainier. I mean we live so close we do call it our backyard. The last six hikes we have done we have clocked in almost 55 miles on Mt. Rainier our girls came along for 36 of those miles. So proud of them for all the hard work they put in. Not to mention its a lot of fun getting to hike together as a family. We all get to share our passion for the outdoors.

We have done all sorts of hikes. Long, short, daytime, wee early in the morning kind, hard ones, easy ones… We have seen so many amazing sights, animals, flowers, stars, peaks and meadows that went on forever. Has been a great few weeks. Aside from just spending time at Rainier we also made our way up north again to the North Cascades and enjoyed the cascade loop. Like I said we have been putting in some serious outside time sight seeing and getting in some hiking.

Still have a few weeks left of some prime time hiking before the weather really makes its change for the winter. So we have been trying to get in some heavy miles. Have maybe three more decent hikes I’d like to try and get in before the weather gets too bad and those sunny days are few and far between.

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