Bench and Snow Lake

First of all… Don’t forget the bug spray. This hike so far this year has been by far the worst. Okay, wait… Almost the worst for bugs. Great hike. Not too hard, with some amazing views of Rainier, of waterfalls, creeks, wildflowers and lakes.

There is a lot of incline to this hike. Nothing to over the top but going to the lakes is a bit of a climb the whole way. Bench Lake comes first. Ended up just looking at that lake from above at the trail didn’t go down to the water to investigate. Wanted to get to Snow Lake as it had more promising views.

There were plenty of meadows with flowers. So many different types and varieties. Waterfalls on the cliffs in the distance. Flowing at the time hard enough to hear from the trail. Turning around once and awhile gave amazing views to Rainier. There were even a few clearings on the trail line that provided views of Bench Lake and Rainier on the way to Snow Lake. The trail was well maintained, easy to follow. Highly recommend for kids as it isn’t far or too hard.

Made it to the lake and the views were amazing. The water was so blue. Was clear, was cold and so majestic. Could’ve stayed there forever and took in the views. Went beyond the lake to Unicorn Creek. By the time we got here we had planned on a lunch break, but the bugs were over the top and I was getting super grouchy and was ready to go. So we ended up heading back to the Snow Lake for a few more photos then our walk back to the car.

Was a quick trip back as anticipation was no longer on our side. Past many people by now on the trail just heading up. Always a benefit getting up early and hitting the trail early on. Beat the crowds and the heat of the day. Got back to the car and we ended up having a nice picnic in the bug free sanctuary of our car.

Since we ended up calling it a day early up at the lake. We weren’t ready yet to head home. We ended up heading over to Silver Falls and doing that hike again. Never gets old. That blue water of the Ohanapeacosh River is amazing. Plus the first time we did that hike, Cheyenne wasn’t with us and I wanted her to see the amazing falls and blue colors of the river. Was a great time. After our short hike there we called it a day, went back through the park to get out and head home.

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